The difference between USA-CPU Global Student Exchange Programs and those operated by other organizations is that we focus on the family, as well as the student. We want the participants to fully immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the host-nation and have a real understanding of daily life in the host country. Constant guidance and support is available from our team, but the host families are encouraged to live as independently as possible.

Here are a few examples of the USA College Prep Unlimited Difference...

  • Students will go to school on the official school bus.
  • Parents will get a chance to meet with their student's teachers and in some cases, parents will have the opportunity to meet the parents of their classmates.
  • The children will attend one of our partner schools, while we arrange classes and activities for the parents.
  • International students and parents will arrive in the host nation after having previously completed a comprehensive preparatory training.
  • Students will be fully immersed in school’s curricular program and attend after-school/extra curricular activities to the same extent as their host-nation counterparts.
  • We provide on-site counselors to the partner institute to smooth the transition and help with any problems that may arise.
  • Our on-campus team will give daily reports to the parents, and if necessary, communicate with the school's staff and teachers on their behalf.
  • Our service team manages day-to-day living.
  • The students are encouraged to make friends, attend classmate's birthday parties, participate on play-dates, etc..
  • The participant families will attend local cultural, sporting and entertainment events in the region in order to further engage into the host-nation's local culture.
  • Classes in english, cooking, customs and practices, community life, etc., will be offered for parents.
  • Families are encouraged to adopt the lifestyle of the host-nation. They will rent cars and live as independently as possible for the duration of their stay.