We operate and administer Global Student Programs (GSP) for International students from Kindergarten through High School.  Our students will travel to a particular country, attend School/Camp on a daily basis, be fully immersed in the Host-nation's Curriculum and engage in variety of  extracurricular activities to the same extent as their host-nation's counterparts.  We organize and manage the project from inception to completion. In addition to providing first class transportation and accommodations, we provide advisory and support services in both international and local languages, preparatory and continuous on-site training for both students and parents.


USA College Prep Unlimited offers Parent-Child Education Exchange Programs designed to create a multi-cultural environment in a high-quality academic atmosphere.  We offer study and life scenes both children and families around the world.

Through experiencing the culture found in different cities and countries, and participating in various projects, children will expand their horizons, master the language, and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills.  At the same time, the unique programs of parent-child participation will help parents understand and learn advanced family education methods, hence advancing their own methods of family education.

Introducing challenges of overseas travel both ‘familiar’ and new experience recognized by top authority of the local American elite schools. Upgrade of parent-child education through close interaction among American families, teachers and parents.

Real results in practical learning by applying language to real living environment, thus enhancing the linguistic ability.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting several overseas students and teachers through our Global Student Programs.  Enjoy this video during our last winter program where forty eight students and teachers learned, played, laughed, shared and created lifelong memories.